What to expect at each phase of the process

An architect’s job doesn’t end with the design on paper.

In fact, the role of an architect covers every phase of the building process—from vision and planning, to design and documentation, through the approval process, to construction and any post-construction issues.

Design and construction go hand-in-hand: the designer’s job isn’t finished until their design has been put together in three dimensions. So it makes sense to have your designer involved every step of the way.

Your architect is your biggest advocate during the construction process, because they know the big-picture outcomes and they’re protecting their design. Each contractor is focused on getting their part of the project done, but the architect is the one who’s taken the time to listen to what you want, consider your needs, and design something that’s going to serve you.

A building process has five stages. If you’re working with a Jamin Design Group architect, here’s what you can expect from us at each stage:

  1. Starting the project. We’ll talk to you about your needs, your budget, and your vision for the project. The information you give us forms the basis of the design brief.
  2. Design phase. We’ll look at the design brief alongside the building site conditions, and determine the best location and orientation for the build. We’ll develop ideas through rough plans, sketches and models, then bring them together into concept design drawings. Typically, we will offer you a couple of different options before making a final decision together.
  3. Development, documentation and approvals. From the concept design drawings, we prepare detailed drawings and specifications for the builder. We lodge the documentation for you to obtain local authority building approval. We can also assist you in choosing and engaging a builder. We can help you assess quotes and be aware of hidden costs, so that you get a reliable builder while staying in control of your budget.
  4. Construction phase. We’re usually the lead consultant on the project, acting as your representative and keeping you informed at every step. We work with the builder and other team members to make sure all the project elements work together, producing the design to the specifications we’ve promised you.
  5. After construction. Building projects have a warranty period called the ‘defects liability period’. As your architect, we take responsibility for following up any issues or outstanding work with you and the builder.

Your relationship with your architect can have a huge impact on the success of your design. It’s important to choose someone who communicates well, listens to your desires and makes you feel you can trust them throughout the length of the project.

Looking for a designer? Browse our past projects or contact us. We’d love to talk about whether we’re the right fit for your project.