Wallpapers on the Come-Back Trail


Older people still shudder at the thought of using wallpaper when decorating, conjuring up as it does recollections of the designs popular in the 60s and 70s that have them wondering what they were thinking. However, as the saying goes, “everything old is new again”, but this time around, modern wallpapers are made with exciting new patterns, features and colours.

One of the most popular ways to use wallpapers in house designs are as features to highlight the character of a space or focus attention on a particular area. It works as a mood enhancer, it can add drama to an otherwise bland room and it is excellent for concealing flaws such as uneven surfaces. It is also much easier to apply than the older type, thanks to improvements in printing techniques and adhesives.

Optical Illusions are Made Easy with Wallpaper

Wallpaper colours and patterns, when used cleverly, can trick the eye. Just like paint colours, wallpaper can make a small room look larger, and a cavernous space appear much smaller and more intimate. Geometric patterns with large-scale graphics can simplify room decoration by removing the need for multiple items of furniture and accessories. A few simple pieces and a one-colour focus on accessories like cushions will ensure that the wallpaper is the main feature.

Interior designers have embraced metallic wallpapers in the new era, finding that it is a perfect accessory to a neutral colour palette. Designed to reflect light off the walls, it can make a small room appear larger, and its sheer opulence means that a luxurious and expensive look can be achieved without equally expensive furniture. It is particularly exciting in a living area when coupled with jewelled cushions and plush curtains.

Bringing the Garden into an Apartment with Florals

The current trends also include florals but not as they were known in the 70s. The new designs can be traditional with gentle colours, or they can be dark, bold and striking, just perfect for a feature wall. Decorating an inner-city apartment with botanical wallpapers brings the garden inside and creates an open and fresh feel. Even oriental designs have seen resurgence, but this time with a more masculine approach, using charcoal, navy, deep red and cream.

It is the unexpected combination of contemporary colours and patterns, and the range of embossed and metallic wallpapers that have surprised interior designers and home decorators. People, who would never have considered wallpaper, are having a re-think as they look around for a unique and exciting treatment for their walls. Even relief wallpaper, embossed in a variety of designs is popular.

If an interior decorating project is coming up and you are looking for something different to bring new life to rooms that have become a little boring, have a look at the new wallpapers and be surprised.

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